About Us

about utah pergola company

Utah Pergola Company operates as Awnings Unlimited!

At Utah Pergola Company, we realized that there were thousands of people throughout Utah who were making do with sub-par pergola installation companies. We saw an opportunity to use our expertise to offer a better service than anyone else in the state, creating custom pergolas that look great.

The first thing we noticed was the poor choice of construction materials used by other players in the market. You could either buy cheap artificial materials that didn’t have great aesthetics or expensive natural products that didn’t last. You couldn’t have both.

At Utah Pergola Company, however, we saw a way to change this. Combined with our network of suppliers, we began investigating if there was a way for homeowners to have both: affordable pergolas which didn’t rely on cheap or tacky-looking materials.

Over the years, we have developed close connections with suppliers and manufacturers which met our exacting standards. Before long, we settled on something called “alumawood,” one of the most versatile and natural-looking materials to come out of the pergola industry for many years. It has the strength and durability of aluminum, but the look and feel of natural wood. We immediately saw how it could become the perfect pergola material for customers throughout Utah and have been using it ever since.

The whole point of our service is to deliver higher quality pergolas to the people who live in our region. We love pergolas just as much as our customers but got tired of never being able to find great pergola products.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, we set up our own pergola company. The idea was to allow people to finally get their hands on uncompromising products that would serve them well over the long haul. Our pergolas are ideal for anyone wanting to get something that they can install and then forget about for a decade. Pergolas should look great and last a long time, without requiring continual maintenance.

Our mission is to help Utah – and the rest of the world for that matter – progress beyond traditional wood pergolas. While wood pergolas have served us for many years, they came with serious problems. Our new aluminum-based options solve all of the issues of the previous-generation pergola material while offering a host of unique benefits.

What’s more, most people can’t tell the difference between alumawood pergolas and their natural, genuine wood equivalent. The Utah Pergola Company provides you with the best of both worlds.

After sourcing better materials, we turned our attention to design. We knew that using new materials wouldn’t be enough to satisfy all our customers. People still want their pergolas to look fabulous. We, therefore, developed a range of designs that would complement practically any home, from quaint country retreat to city dwelling. We developed a range of solid roof pergolas, rectangular pergolas, and models with slated roofs. Over the years we expanded our range and today offer the most extensive selection of custom-made pergolas available in Utah.

We believe that pergolas are a great addition to any home, and our mission has been to share that vision with you. Whether you want new space to chill out or to provide shelter or shade, our pergolas can help you.